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Exception on mono using Blogengine.Web


Hi Guys!

I continue the issue here, because the following problem ("") is needed to be solved with disabled optimization feature.

When I run the latest Blogengine.Web source code I get the following exception on Mono (Ubuntu 12.04 with latest apache and mon_mono):

Compilation Error

Description: Error compiling a resource required to service this request. Review your source file and modify it to fix this error.

Compiler Error Message: CS0436: The type `Resources.labels' conflicts with the imported type of same name'. Ignoring the imported type definition

Source Error:

Line 26: public static System.Resources.ResourceManager ResourceManager {
Line 27: get {
Line 28: if ((labels._resourceManager != null)) {
Line 29: return labels._resourceManager;
Line 30: }

Source File: /tmp/www-data-temp-aspnet-0/ac1461b1/App_Web_4a86e28f_0.cs Line: 28

The optimization is disabled (/optimize-). Do you have idea why is it happening on Mono?

Thank you for the answers!



KommerszUnicum wrote Jan 14, 2013 at 9:14 PM

This exception is related to the problems of the Optimization.dll on mono. So excluding optimization from BE will solve this